she's a driver!

as of's official! sometime this weekend i will have to get a picture of her with her learner's permit driver's license! how exciting is that??? she was pretty jazzed when she walked out today. although she's not so crazy about the picture but i tried to tell her that no one is ever happy with the picture...especially women. it's... Read more →

boot camp

i made it! i even ran jogged part of it! and it was even raining! plus, i enjoyed myself yesterday morning was the first day of 3x/week for 6 weeks boot camp. today isn't so great as every muscle in my body that i had forgotten i even had, are screaming in protest of their being used without their consent.... Read more →

a frozen tundra

with no thoughts of thawing anytime soon. that's where we live right now there has been snow on the ground since before Thanksgiving it never gets above freezing and the windchills hover in the anywhere below zero range Blaike was home Monday and Tuesday because she couldn't swallow and couldn't breathe. her throat was raw, her glands swollen to mammoth... Read more →