even though kiroman drives a caddy [aka: the old fart car - because as a kid i always envisioned cadillac drivers as being old men with plaid polyester golf pants wearing a little beret kind of hat]and he also now owns, of all things, a PONTOON boat, I REFUSE TO BE OLD! i will not succumb to the blue hair... Read more →

boot camp

i made it! i even ran jogged part of it! and it was even raining! plus, i enjoyed myself yesterday morning was the first day of 3x/week for 6 weeks boot camp. today isn't so great as every muscle in my body that i had forgotten i even had, are screaming in protest of their being used without their consent.... Read more →

oh what a night!

late july...back in 2007...oh what a night... Blaike and Abby have their "war paint" The KGB kick us off! [the Killer Garage band] Lyle is telling Ed a serious story! Cindy and Allen hangin' on the deck enjoying the tunes Tristan and his singin' daddio...Witstoad Gutsfrog...aka Richie Zachary is enjoying the music...too bad he's doing it from a Hu$ker chair...[note:... Read more →

growing up...

is very different from a parent's point of view! it's been interesting watching Blaike become a teenager...especially when it comes to boys... she has a new boyfriend that is totally awesome! Lyle and i both really like him and his parents are awesome, too. Jayson spent the 4th with us at the cabin. yesterday, i dropped Blaike off at his... Read more →

what a great way to spend a few hot days...

we headed for the cabin yesterday morning. what better way to spend two 90+ degree days than on the boat? Blaike has a friend staying with us this week and we picked up two more of her friends along the way. my mom and step dad, grandma and her niece, 2 of my bros and their families and a couple... Read more →