and the tales grow taller on down the line... REO Speedwagon...Take It On The Run yep...these lyrics just fit this short story. so cheerleader has been experiencing some health issues since Christmas. i'm not sure how much i will get into here because i don't want to upset cheerleader but suffice it to say that it's been "girlie" issues. and... Read more →

ok, where to start... i'll back up to my birthday...the 23rd...i turned 40-something...age is just a number and really means not a lot to me!!! then it's Christmas Eve. our tradition is to have home made chicken and noodles for dinner, got to church and then on to look at the beautiful Christmas lights in the city. well...i was mid-way... Read more →

cheerleader has been busting her butt!! today was french, church and geometry. french is posted...the final didn't go so swell but she is coming out of there with a great grade for the semester. tomorrow is dual sports (i know...a final in a pe class? who knew! they actually take TESTS in there...crazy world this is) and american comp and... Read more →

well...not for too long! cheerleader found T H E S E ! ! ! today at our favorite used to be that you had to wait all the way from one easter to the next to enjoy these ravishing little beauties... but not anymore (that last part should be said aloud in a sing-song voice). way to go, cheerleader!... Read more →

i guess i will start with gratitudes because i'm kinda blank here...i have lost my muse...lost my inspiration...been way too busy to even think about something to write here!! i am grateful... Troy was able to so quickly fill in for Patrick at EPOC last night everyone at Espuela Ranch weathered the tornado this past week safe and healthy to... Read more →

this last weekend, that is. last wednesday, kiroman and i headed to the windy city for a life changing seminar at LifeBook. notice that cheerleader isn't listed on the itinerary. that's because she didn't go. she stayed home with a family friend in charge of running her around. it was a wonderful experience. kiroman and i spent 3.5 days in... Read more →