where you were so grateful that you did not have to leave the house? because you knew if you did leave the house that you would forget your hand bag in the grocery cart but not even realize it until you got to your car and couldn't unlock it [ because my jeep has that keyless entry where you just... Read more →

oh, gentle reader, i'm a td bit late this morning and i apologize! yesterday was my birthday and Christmas celebration with my mom, brothers and their families! it was quite a grand day! and then teenager stayed with us last night so after kiroman hit the sack, she and i stayed up kinda late, discussing life. i think we accomplished... Read more →

some of you may have seen this already on facebook...but i had to do a quick post about it tonight... thursday mornings are coaching calls here at casa de koca for kiroman...he works with dr david jackson...epic practice if you are a chiropractor then you have most likely heard of big wave dave and if you are a chiropractor in... Read more →

waiting for kiroman to check in from seattle. he left early this morning to speak at a chiropractic event! i had no idea it was a full day of traveling to get from the city to seattle! i dropped him off at the airport early early early this morning...i will be picking him up early evening tomorrow. i miss that... Read more →

seriously! i have the most awesome blog readers ever! i want each and every one of you to know how much your prayers have meant to gbr, his family and friends...because those prayers, along with an awesome medical staff, are working wonders right now. i so appreciate that you have put gbr and his family in your prayers...even though most... Read more →

today is wednesday. today has been a pretty engaging day. it started when i climbed outta bed about 6:30 this morning. let the doolittles out, fed them, loved on them. time for a quick breakfast then out to feed the ponies. and pick both stalls...something i haven't been doing very well for a very long time. but after stripping stalls... Read more →

but i do know when he'll be back again! kiroman headed off to san diego this morning. [ in the words of ron burgandy: san diego. discovered by the germans in 1904, they named it san diago, which of course means whale's vagina. ] but of course i totally digress :) we had an awesome epoc gathering at the source... Read more →

so...this whole travel thing started thursday morning. kiroman headed out early. to sacramento. to speak to first year chiropractic students, first year clinic chiropractors, the philosophy club and then CORE. he had a bang up day for sure! all the feed back i have heard is that he definitely lit it up on the west coast! then teenager and i... Read more →