i'm sure you are wondering exactly what does that mean... here is my attempt at explaining: it's saturday afternoon, kiroman is out of town, brainstorming with some awesome guys these weekend, so i am watching last week's episode of desperate housewives... karen's cancer is back. she kicked roy out. gabby took roy in. carlos came home from rehab. gabby tells... Read more →

with little to no pictures involved... i know, i have fallen off the picture taking wagon again! but i know you are a forgiving audience, knowing that i will make up for it in the near future! so...let's start with saturday, because quite honestly, i have no idea what happened on friday! ok, kiroman was off on saturday! how cool... Read more →

cujo is NOT happy about this. it is definitely his shame. i could see it on his face the moment she carried him out to me. he refused to walk. part because of the sedation but mostly because of the cone. so last night, kiroman, myself, brother and cujo tucked ourselves into bed. by the time we made it to... Read more →

i'm gettin' pretty good at this: many days in one post thing. i'm really sorry but sometimes life steps in and does not allow the time or the energy for a blog post. but i'm here to make up for it now! tuesday so...we need to back up to tuesday, shall we? here's the deal: kiroman is feeling better and... Read more →