oh, gentle reader, grab something yummy to drink and meet me back here, ok? i have lots to tell you and so many pictures to show you! great to see you back here! my drink of choice is a caramel apple cider! yum-o! so last thursday morning i took kiroman to the airport so he could jet off to rochester,... Read more →

where you were so grateful that you did not have to leave the house? because you knew if you did leave the house that you would forget your hand bag in the grocery cart but not even realize it until you got to your car and couldn't unlock it [ because my jeep has that keyless entry where you just... Read more →

good morning, gentle reader! i apologize for being a little late with this week's sparkle let's suffice it to say that kirofamily has some personal things going on that have pre-occupied my time lately. maybe some day i will share the story with you but for right now, we need to keep it private...some things are like that and i... Read more →

good morning, gentle reader!!! here is your sparkle for this week! we have all been there at some point in time. maybe it was the grocery store. maybe it was the post office. maybe it was the car wash. maybe it was the chiropractor's office. maybe it was the cellular store. maybe it was return line. where ever it might... Read more →