kinda over it. it seems we have experienced a lot of this recently and i don't understand...i really and truly don't. to me, it's pretty simple: your behavior dictates your consequences. and consequences can be good and they can be bad. most people think of consequence as only a bad thing. i don't subscribe to that notion. as described by... Read more →

holy guacamole, people! i know it was new year's eve and all but the night we had last night at the hotel was off the charts ridiculous. seriously. teenager and i went with the rest of "camp" [slang term for the other people that ride in our barn] to earl's rib palace downtown. great atmosphere. awesome food. after dinner, we... Read more →

but first...i know what happened to the photos from the post for paw...some how my settings in photoshop got changed and it was saving my pics at the lowest resolution instead of the highest...for web...guess i need to figure out that action that automatically does all that sizing ...i know i have it saved somewhere on my computer...just gotta find... Read more →

why does it always seem like the drive there is so much faster, easier, funner [yes, i know, it's not a word but it fits better here than saying "more fun"] just plain better than the drive home? seriously...the drive to gordyville usa/rantoul/gifford was much easier on friday than from there going home on saturday night/sunday morning. but before we... Read more →