that's where we spent our saturday...well...teenager and i did along with all the other horse show peeps that were there! but first, we need a pic of the bate's motel...i mean the quarters inn and suites... we were happy to be leaving. for good. not to ever return. seriously. never. our next order of business was procuring breakfast. even though... Read more →

so...i am compelled to start off by telling you that teenager and i have been doing a bit of traveling lately. not too much, mind you, but just enough that we are seeing parts of America that we have never seen before. like podunk towns and hee haw airports. our very first hee haw airport was Monroe, La. No offense,... Read more →

a frozen tundra

with no thoughts of thawing anytime soon. that's where we live right now there has been snow on the ground since before Thanksgiving it never gets above freezing and the windchills hover in the anywhere below zero range Blaike was home Monday and Tuesday because she couldn't swallow and couldn't breathe. her throat was raw, her glands swollen to mammoth... Read more →