ru·mor (r m r) n. 1. A piece of unverified information of uncertain origin usually spread by word of mouth. 2. Unverified information received from another; hearsay. yep...that's rumor alright... have you ever wondered how a rumor gets started in the first place? have you ever wondered what causes that one person to start that rumor? is it jeolousy? envy?... Read more →

with little to no pictures involved... i know, i have fallen off the picture taking wagon again! but i know you are a forgiving audience, knowing that i will make up for it in the near future! so...let's start with saturday, because quite honestly, i have no idea what happened on friday! ok, kiroman was off on saturday! how cool... Read more →

when i first saw this prestige plate, i thought "don't car"? what's that supposed to mean. then i realized it meant "don't care". aha now i get it. my next thought was "huh, that's kinda funny" my thought after that was "wow, that's such a sad affirmation to have on your car, for all the world to see. that whomever... Read more →