there is my twenty eleven word again. experience and today was definitely one for the books. today was day two of snow day twenty eleven. we had a few things that had to be done. one of them was getting teenager's truck to the dealer for an appointment to take care of the transmission issue, the heater blower issue and... Read more →

ok, where to start... i'll back up to my birthday...the 23rd...i turned 40-something...age is just a number and really means not a lot to me!!! then it's Christmas Eve. our tradition is to have home made chicken and noodles for dinner, got to church and then on to look at the beautiful Christmas lights in the city. well...i was mid-way... Read more →

kiroman left for his cabin experience this morning. he will not be home until friday and then he is straight to work. anyway, it's a great opportunity and i am really glad he went but... [isn't there always a but?] they can't have any contact with the outside world. that means they had to hand over cell phones, laptops, blackberry's,... Read more →

i'm working on it but ran into a design snag with a background that doesn't want to work like i think it should work...dang it! so stayed tuned, i had to walk away for awhile because i was getting just too darn frustrated so it's going to have to happen in bits and pieces. you'll be the second to know... Read more →

Trophy Wife! i love it. have you seen the previews to Kath & Kim? you gotta check it out to understand where i'm coming from exactly. i saw this preview during the Olympics and thought it was hilarious so i took the title of Trophy Wife and ran with it. Lyle doesn't mind but i'm sure he thinks i'm crazy.... Read more →

boot camp

i made it! i even ran jogged part of it! and it was even raining! plus, i enjoyed myself yesterday morning was the first day of 3x/week for 6 weeks boot camp. today isn't so great as every muscle in my body that i had forgotten i even had, are screaming in protest of their being used without their consent.... Read more →