in a week! get your minds out of the gutter right now! i'm talking about going to TWO concerts in ONE week! yep...tuesday night was Cheap Trick [and i caught one of Rick's picks on my totally sweaty chest because i was dancin and singin like crazy! it was great! they sounded great even though they looked old but hey!... Read more →

Blair Police officers are looking for any information involving a 15-year-old female runaway. Kayla E. Matulka, 15, of 954 N. 27th Street, was discovered missing around noon on July 1. Matulka is 5'4", weighs about 120 pounds, has blue eyes and long bleached blonde hair. She was last seen wearing shorts, pink flip-flops, medium round hoop earrings and a diamond... Read more →

bwc update

it was a great success! everyone had a fun time. lots of laughter. and tons of sun. i hate to say that i haven't even downloaded the pics from my camera yet! it was on the list for today but didn't make it...look for some pics tomorrow! just breathing isn't living! Read more →

let's catch up

i'm not doing the typing thingy anymore. not much anyways. well, just once in awhile but at least i'm not posting the results here all the time. instead i just decided to go MIA but for many a good reason. but unless you are family or very close friend, you have no idea what that reason may be and i... Read more →

a frozen tundra

with no thoughts of thawing anytime soon. that's where we live right now there has been snow on the ground since before Thanksgiving it never gets above freezing and the windchills hover in the anywhere below zero range Blaike was home Monday and Tuesday because she couldn't swallow and couldn't breathe. her throat was raw, her glands swollen to mammoth... Read more →