the new movies come out on dvd today. hi, i'm trophy wife and i'm an addict. i'm addicted to buying dvd's. whew...i said it. i said it outloud. and i said it outloud to all of you! wow! i don't even know how it started... well, maybe i do. i think it started way back in the day. you know,... Read more →

i guess i will start with gratitudes because i'm kinda blank here...i have lost my muse...lost my inspiration...been way too busy to even think about something to write here!! i am grateful... Troy was able to so quickly fill in for Patrick at EPOC last night everyone at Espuela Ranch weathered the tornado this past week safe and healthy to... Read more →


since i keep track of books read HERE, i decided i would keep track of movies watched HERE. so this past weekend we watched: When a deadly bombing attack targets Americans in the Middle East, a counterterrorism squad is dispatched to find the culprits. Once they arrive in the desert, the U.S. agents (an ensemble that includes Jamie Foxx as... Read more →