a long time ago, i mentioned here that authentic is the word that chose me for 2012. more information is available for you at big picture classes. you can really join in at any time...the class officially started in january but i have not really done much wiht my word and the class so i figured tonight was a good... Read more →

why does it always seem like the drive there is so much faster, easier, funner [yes, i know, it's not a word but it fits better here than saying "more fun"] just plain better than the drive home? seriously...the drive to gordyville usa/rantoul/gifford was much easier on friday than from there going home on saturday night/sunday morning. but before we... Read more →

and i was so surprised! so shocked. who knew? certainly not i. ok, yesterday was a crazy crazy day and i have a lot to say...so we'll start at the beginning, shall we? kiroman was heading to cali to speak at DCS. teen ager and i were totally bummed that we couldn't tag along this trip but her school schedule... Read more →

i've come to the conclusion there are several sides to valentine's day. there is the side for lover's. this makes valentine's day great. especially when you have someone that tells you they love you. someone that brings you flowers. someone that gives you a card. someone that gives you diamonds. someone to share a quiet dinner. then there is the... Read more →

actually today started off last night. as the evening went on, every major and minor muscle group in my body started screaming, spasming and then i whimpered like a whipped puppy. and went to bed. only to wake myself as i moaned as i rolled over and applied pressure to a new area. seriously. i woke myself 3 different times... Read more →

each person's life is lived as a series of conversations now i will ask you what kind of conversations do you have... with your self with your children with your parents with your friends with strangers with acquaintances with employees with employers with your pets with your car with electronics you get my drift we talk all day long. whether... Read more →