gentle reader, it is with a sad heart that i tell you this is the first time in thirty-one years that my house has been without a feline protector. kiroman and i bought our first persian cat in 1986. we were very poor college students and i'm sure the thought of us buying a designer cat seems outlandish, at best.... Read more →

gentle reader, most of the world, at least the social media world, is celebrating love today. i've witnessed an intense love fest on facebook today. i've seen profile pictures changed. i've seen hearts added to profile pictures. i've seen pictures of chocolate, flowers, and chocolate covered fruit. i've witnessed declarations of never ending and earth shattering love today. i think... Read more →

gentle reader, the kirofamily journeyed to cabo san lucas over the christmas holiday. we had a fabulous time for the week we were there...this is my favorite place away from home. we've made a lot of friends there and every trip we make new friends. our go to place at night is cabo wabo. we've gotten to know the staff,... Read more →