this photo was taken in 2003...many moons ago, it feels like. the rest of the photos were taken just since oct 24, 2011...that fateful monday in which everything changed at our house. the day it became real to us that paw paw was fighting a losing battle. not sure what happened to this photo when it was re-sized for's... Read more →

i love me some nancy sinatra, don't you? i love this song and check out this lady...she is one cool woman! but that's not what i'm really talkin' about here. last weekend found kiroman speaking at brad glowaki's marketing bonanza in phoenix. i opted to stay home and make sure teenager studied for her finals. but then i found out... Read more →

ru·mor (r m r) n. 1. A piece of unverified information of uncertain origin usually spread by word of mouth. 2. Unverified information received from another; hearsay. yep...that's rumor alright... have you ever wondered how a rumor gets started in the first place? have you ever wondered what causes that one person to start that rumor? is it jeolousy? envy?... Read more →

that's what i call him. paw, that is. he's my little rebounder. i've cried so many tears over the last few weeks...starting clear back on october 24th. that was the day after we got back from the horse show and i just knew it was going to be his last. i hem hawed on taking him to the vet. i... Read more →

so you read last post...this one picks up somewhere in the middle! i hope you can follow along... so...after sleeping on the floor with paw...which did absolutely nothing to help my sore neck and shoulder...which i have been battling since going back to the gym last friday, thank you very much...i have been getting adjusted and that has helped tremendously... Read more →