i love me some nancy sinatra, don't you? i love this song and check out this lady...she is one cool woman! but that's not what i'm really talkin' about here. last weekend found kiroman speaking at brad glowaki's marketing bonanza in phoenix. i opted to stay home and make sure teenager studied for her finals. but then i found out... Read more →

there is my twenty eleven word again. experience and today was definitely one for the books. today was day two of snow day twenty eleven. we had a few things that had to be done. one of them was getting teenager's truck to the dealer for an appointment to take care of the transmission issue, the heater blower issue and... Read more →

oh what a night!

late july...back in 2007...oh what a night... Blaike and Abby have their "war paint" The KGB kick us off! [the Killer Garage band] Lyle is telling Ed a serious story! Cindy and Allen hangin' on the deck enjoying the tunes Tristan and his singin' daddio...Witstoad Gutsfrog...aka Richie Zachary is enjoying the music...too bad he's doing it from a Hu$ker chair...[note:... Read more →