but i do know when he'll be back again! kiroman headed off to san diego this morning. [ in the words of ron burgandy: san diego. discovered by the germans in 1904, they named it san diago, which of course means whale's vagina. ] but of course i totally digress :) we had an awesome epoc gathering at the source... Read more →

i've come to the conclusion there are several sides to valentine's day. there is the side for lover's. this makes valentine's day great. especially when you have someone that tells you they love you. someone that brings you flowers. someone that gives you a card. someone that gives you diamonds. someone to share a quiet dinner. then there is the... Read more →

each person's life is lived as a series of conversations now i will ask you what kind of conversations do you have... with your self with your children with your parents with your friends with strangers with acquaintances with employees with employers with your pets with your car with electronics you get my drift we talk all day long. whether... Read more →

this has been weighing heavily on my mind lately. i'm really looking for an answer but i'm doubtful i will find one. i'm open to any and all ideas you may have on this subject. i help out at teenager's high school. there is a group of mom's that make a taco salad lunch twice a month. i go when... Read more →

i really do...i totally get it. if i were a teacher, i would not want students talking or texting as they were walking into my class room. nor would i want these students to be texting during class. or checking facebook or email. the students need to be focused on the what is being taught in the classroom. however...i am... Read more →

there is my twenty eleven word again. experience and today was definitely one for the books. today was day two of snow day twenty eleven. we had a few things that had to be done. one of them was getting teenager's truck to the dealer for an appointment to take care of the transmission issue, the heater blower issue and... Read more →