this has been weighing heavily on my mind lately. i'm really looking for an answer but i'm doubtful i will find one. i'm open to any and all ideas you may have on this subject. i help out at teenager's high school. there is a group of mom's that make a taco salad lunch twice a month. i go when... Read more →

yep, you read that right. she has no business being head of homeland security with this kind of thought process. actually, i'm completely fed up with this regime handing out and making public "all our secrets" but yet, when it came to the freaking healthcare bill, there was not one ounce of transparency. so janet thinks it's ok to give... Read more →

you can read that post HERE. guys, i don't have a project, i don't have a charity. i don't have any one thing in mind for this. my thought process is simply this: all it takes is just one person, one act of humanity, do you have any idea what that would amount to? seriously? here's what i'm talking... Read more →

i call this disgusting. i can remember when teenager was not a teenager and she played with barbies. then out came bratz and we had all of those. do you remember the chatter about them? how slutty they were? ya, i'm paraphrasing whatever i heard but that was pretty much the jest of it. after school today, teenager met me... Read more →

part one of this story: there once was an honor student from un-l. he made the decision to become more than 4 times the legal limit drunk. on top of that, he decided to get high. on top of that, he got in his car and drove on the interstate. on top of that, he stopped at a convenience store,... Read more →

elevators. nice, modern convenience. i love having the choice of physically climbing 9 flights of stairs with luggage in hand or pushing the UP button, waiting for the doors to slide open, pull my gear inside the little vertical climbing box, push another button, doors slide closed, endure a slightly humming ride up 9 floors, doors slide open and WALLAH!... Read more →