i love me some nancy sinatra, don't you? i love this song and check out this lady...she is one cool woman! but that's not what i'm really talkin' about here. last weekend found kiroman speaking at brad glowaki's marketing bonanza in phoenix. i opted to stay home and make sure teenager studied for her finals. but then i found out... Read more →

there are so many times i could say, yep! that's totally me right now. especially right before a holiday. right before a holiday that will be gathering at my house. every chair and plate will be filled. but this year? this year, i am ready. bring it on! i don't feel stressed. or rushed. or out of sorts. or panicked.... Read more →

teen ager is a high school senior. college is just around the corner. she may be leaving us. temporarily? permanently? i don't know. i don't want to know yet. she has changed her plans. radically. she went from staying at home for the first year and attending a local college to wanting to be on an equestrian team and moving... Read more →

the last half of this week has been a whirlwind of home improvements being accomplished! first off, our garage lights outside needed to be replaced. there is one that is just too close to the screen door that doesn't like to stay latched in high winds. the door has smashed several fixtures over the last few years. this summer kiroman... Read more →