soooo i hope you voted yesterday. i'm sure you understand where i stand politically. no matter how you stand, i truly hope you exercised your right to vote. it's important. very important. i am relieved that the political mail will be absent from my stack. i am relieved that the political commercials will be absent. i am relieved the robo... Read more →

watch this video first: and did you cry? be honest. i've watched this over a dozen times. and i cry every.single.time. without fail. koca chiropractic is dedicating the month of december to the wyatt leamon foundation. don't you want to be part of the revolution? why wouldn't you? should another child suffer like this because of an ear infection? absolutely... Read more →

you all know how politically correct i am right? like not at all. no apologies though. i yam who i am yam, as popeye would say. so, these races are really becoming silly, ridiculous and quite laughable. what i am really wondering is: why can't we just hear what they, the want to be elected politicians, are going to do... Read more →