so...this whole travel thing started thursday morning. kiroman headed out early. to sacramento. to speak to first year chiropractic students, first year clinic chiropractors, the philosophy club and then CORE. he had a bang up day for sure! all the feed back i have heard is that he definitely lit it up on the west coast! then teenager and i... Read more →

this morning i slept in til about up just in time to call teenager at 7:30. crawled out of bed to let doolittles out and feed them breakfast. kissed kiroman good morning. grabbed a glass of apple juice and checked out what happened on facebook while i was sleeping. downloaded email. let doolittles out again. helped kiroman take the... Read more →

except for the hum of the blower of the fireplace. and that's right where i am front of the fire place, with my laptop on my lap, watching pioneer woman's christmas special. i know...i'm a little behind the times here but it's the first chance i've had to catch up on my dvr stuff! teenager stopped by this afternoon... Read more →

holy guacamole, people! i know it was new year's eve and all but the night we had last night at the hotel was off the charts ridiculous. seriously. teenager and i went with the rest of "camp" [slang term for the other people that ride in our barn] to earl's rib palace downtown. great atmosphere. awesome food. after dinner, we... Read more →

but first...i know what happened to the photos from the post for paw...some how my settings in photoshop got changed and it was saving my pics at the lowest resolution instead of the highest...for web...guess i need to figure out that action that automatically does all that sizing ...i know i have it saved somewhere on my computer...just gotta find... Read more →

this photo was taken in 2003...many moons ago, it feels like. the rest of the photos were taken just since oct 24, 2011...that fateful monday in which everything changed at our house. the day it became real to us that paw paw was fighting a losing battle. not sure what happened to this photo when it was re-sized for's... Read more →

i love me some nancy sinatra, don't you? i love this song and check out this lady...she is one cool woman! but that's not what i'm really talkin' about here. last weekend found kiroman speaking at brad glowaki's marketing bonanza in phoenix. i opted to stay home and make sure teenager studied for her finals. but then i found out... Read more →