this was a facebook status teenager posted earlier today. she had been thinking about it last night but then a tweet from another friend prompted her to post. his tweet was prefaced with knowing what he was about to say was mean but he posted anyway. his tweet was that "special needs" people shouldn't do pda in the hallways of... Read more →

so...i am compelled to start off by telling you that teenager and i have been doing a bit of traveling lately. not too much, mind you, but just enough that we are seeing parts of America that we have never seen before. like podunk towns and hee haw airports. our very first hee haw airport was Monroe, La. No offense,... Read more →

teen ager going off to college and the whole empty nest syndrome thingy, it's a good time to talk about this: so this past saturday, teen ager had nothing to do until about 7pm so she asked us to dinner! we were honored! a saturday night dinner with our teen ager, at her request? we're there, absolutely! our dinner conversation... Read more →

so...teen ager has changed her mind many times on what she wanted to do after high school. after 9-11, she was totally intent on going into the military. we were ok with that. the only problem i had with it is that teen ager does not like to get up at oh dark thirty. nor does teen ager take kindly... Read more →

how to get rid of that pesky texter

as related to me and Lyle by Blaike on the ride home from picking her up from school on Thursday: Blaike: So...I kept getting annoying texts from this annoying kid from Prep [this is the all boys high school counter part to Blaike's all girls high school] and he just won't leave me alone so finally I told him that... Read more →