oh, gentle reader, grab something yummy to drink and meet me back here, ok? i have lots to tell you and so many pictures to show you! great to see you back here! my drink of choice is a caramel apple cider! yum-o! so last thursday morning i took kiroman to the airport so he could jet off to rochester,... Read more →

yes, i admit it. i have been absent. but with very good reason, gentle reader! we departed our fair city on july 27th and have just returned last night! i kept it on the down-low... i really don't think i should be broadcasting all over the internets that we are going to be out of town for an extended period... Read more →

just dropped kiroman off at the airport. he is jetting of to speak at epoc new jersey tonight. i pick him up at the airport tomorrow morning at 10am. how's that for a fast and furious trip? pretty awesome, huh? i am continuously amazed by his dedication, love, passion and loyalty to the chiropractic profession. i know there are many... Read more →

so...this whole travel thing started thursday morning. kiroman headed out early. to sacramento. to speak to first year chiropractic students, first year clinic chiropractors, the philosophy club and then CORE. he had a bang up day for sure! all the feed back i have heard is that he definitely lit it up on the west coast! then teenager and i... Read more →

why does it always seem like the drive there is so much faster, easier, funner [yes, i know, it's not a word but it fits better here than saying "more fun"] just plain better than the drive home? seriously...the drive to gordyville usa/rantoul/gifford was much easier on friday than from there going home on saturday night/sunday morning. but before we... Read more →

so...i am compelled to start off by telling you that teenager and i have been doing a bit of traveling lately. not too much, mind you, but just enough that we are seeing parts of America that we have never seen before. like podunk towns and hee haw airports. our very first hee haw airport was Monroe, La. No offense,... Read more →